Mentoring at your finger tips!

Welcome to MyMentor, NRMN’s guided virtual mentoring platform!

What is MyMentor?

MyMentor, allows you to:

  • Find a partner based on our matching algorithm, your desired search criteria, or let us find a mentoring partner for you
  • Explore a long-term mentoring connection, facilitated by guided prompts
  • Create and work toward accomplishing your personal goals

Who can participate?

  • Traditional mentees: Undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, etc…
  • Non-traditional mentees: People at any level can participate as a mentee and benefit from having a mentor. Learning never stops!
  • Mentee requirements: Per NIH guidelines, mentees must be U.S. Citizens, permanent residents, or non-citizen U.S. nationals
  • Traditional mentors: Post-doctoral researchers, jr. faculty, senior faculty, non-faculty researchers, and academic administrators
  • Non-traditional mentors: People at any level can give back as a mentor, near-peer mentor, or peer-peer mentor. Embrace the mentoring life-cycle!

How do YOU connect?

  • Mentees: Select which path is most applicable to you and then click “Select a Mentor”
  • Mentors: Click “Become a Mentor” to enroll in the MyMentor platform. Then, wait for a mentee to send you a request for mentoring. Make sure to keep your profile updated so they’ll have the best chance to find you!
  • Once you’re in a mentoring connection, use Virtual Meeting, IM, and Messaging to communicate with your mentoring partner

Share Experiences

MyMentor session really caused me a lot of self reflection. I think i got as much out of it as the mentee. -NRMN Mentor

Additional Support & Perspective

It can be hard to reach out to people at my own organization, and my NRMN mentor has a great grasp on what information i need to be soliciting and she encourages me to reach out. -NRMN Mentee


I used my network to put my mentee in contact with people who may help her along the next steps in her career. We still e-mail each other once a month to check in and see how things are going. -NRMN Mentor