Welcome to MyNRMN

For NRMN mentors and mentees to connect and collaborate with one another.

With MyNRMN, you can browse registered NRMN profiles and connect to other mentors and mentees nationwide.

Who can be a mentee?

  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Post-docs
  • Junior faculty

Who can be a mentor?

  • Post-docs
  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Academic administrators

As a mentee, you can build and share your resume, join groups, share documents and files with your connections, and build a stronger network.

Mentors can create one-on-one meetings, invite participants to lectures and seminars with My Calendar, or bring academic programs into MyNRMN and collaborate using My Groups feature for a more interactive environment.

Members can also earn points as they go for each action taken to increase engagement.